The Perfect Wave- Every Time!

So, what does it take to make the ultimate wakesurf wave?  Here’s our recipe:   

  1. Start with a deep-V wake boat (we suggest the Centurion Enzo of course).  The deep-V allows the boat to easily lean to the side you intend to surf WITHOUT excessive ballast.  Flatter bottom wake boats require MUCH more ballast and tend to really lean hard.  In an Enzo, you barely feel the boat leaning.
  2. Utilize the factory ballast pumps, wiring and plumbing but add a custom ballast bag system that is completely hidden from view.  Who want’s fat sacs all over their seats? All  Inland Surf Boats come with our custom ballast.
  3. Use the factory installed trim tab and speed control system to shape the wake to your specific needs (you can shape the wave to be more vertical or flatter while you are riding!)
Go out and have FUN!  Fire up the boat up, select your profile in the Pro-Vision dash and the boat will do the rest.  The ballast will fill, the trim tab will set to the right setting and the speed controller will set the speed.  Once the ballast has filled, grab your board and surf it up.